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Big Room Storm Vol.1

Big Room Storm Vol.1

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  • Serum Presets: 100
  • Sylenth1 Presets: 50
  • Samples: 182
  • Midi files: 19
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What is Big Room Storm?

Big Room Storm is the ultimate Big Room mega pack that has everything you need to take your music to the next level with a lot of creatively made sounds inspired by the biggest names in the big room scene.

You will find in this pack a lot of serum and sylenth1 presets and a lot of samples and midi that going to help you to make your amazing ideas to a finished track in no time.

  • DEMO:

    Try the free demo

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  • This pack includes:

    ▶ Serum Presets: 100

    ▶ Sylenth1 Presets: 50

    ▶ Samples: 182

    ▶ Midi files: 19

  • Specifications:


    Audio files: 32 Bit WAV files

    Presets: FXP.file

    File Size: 210MB

  • Sample Pack:

    ▶ BIG SNARE: 11

    ▶ DROP CLAP: 10

    ▶ OPEN HATS: 10

    ▶ CLOSED HATS: 10

    ▶ BIG ROOM KICKS: 20

    ▶ PERCUSSION: 10

    ▶ SNARE: 10


    ▶ DROP NOISE: 5

    ▶ IMPACT: 10

    ▶ RISERS: 10


    ▶ UPLIFTERS: 10

    ▶ FILLS: 10

    ▶ TOP LOOPS: 10

    ▶ TOTAL: 182

  • Serum Presets:

    ▶ BASS: 8

    ▶ FX: 10

    ▶ LEAD: 65

    ▶ PAD: 7

    ▶ PLUCK: 10

    TOTAL: 100

  • Sylenth1 Presets

    ▶ BASS: 5

    ▶ LEAD: 34

    ▶ PAD: 4

    ▶ PLUCK: 7

    TOTAL: 50

  • MIDI Files:



    TOTAL: 19

Hear it in action


LD - Bannger
LD - Bounce
LD - Dark Acid
LD - Harder
LD - Super Saw 3
LD - Super Saw 5
PL - Dancer
PL - Sparks


LEAD - Ground Control
LEAD - Weird
PLUCK - Love
PLUCK - Music Box


Are your sounds royalty-free?

Yes, every sound on our website free or paid is always 100% royalty-free. That means you can use any preset, sample, midi from our products in commercial releases.

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No PayPal account no problem, you can pay with all major credit cards as a guest.

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How do I receive my product?

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Can I test it out before I purchase it?

Yes, you can download the demo for this product at the top.

Is it compatible with my DAW?

Yes, as long as your DAW can support and load Serum and Sylenth.